About Our Peruvian Rugs (Frazadas)

Frazada means blanket in Spanish. The rugs we carry from Peru were originally made as blankets for the freezing cold weather of the mountains in Peru. 

Peruvian frazada on a bed. Colorful rug used as bed throw for cozy home decor. Peruvian frazada on bed. Colorful handmade blankets.

 Each one is different because they are all handmade, using backstrap looms. One side is strapped around the weaver's waist and the other is tied to a pole. It takes about 3 to 5 weeks to weave these beautiful rugs. All the looms are the same width (about 15 inches wide) so the rugs are actually 2 halves sewn together.

Lady using back strap hand loom to weave a rug. Natural dyed wool in the back.

 The natural colours on the sheep wool turn out beautifully bright. They are hand dyed using plants, fruits, roots, vegetables and insects. The more times the wool is dipped in the water base colour, the more intense the colour will be.

Natural green dye for the wool to make our Peruvian rugs.

Natural purple and blue dyes for the wool to make our Peruvian rugs.

Every colour and design has a different meaning, although some of them are shared. For instance, this pattern (the poppy flower) is used for weddings:

Peruvian frazada colorful rug


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