This new trend is here to stay. Intrepid Explorer or well travelled homes has been hitting North America, Europe and Australia for the last 2 years and is reaching more and more homes thanks to Pinterest and Instagram; filling our eyes (and homes) with textures, exotic prints, handmade goods and unique must haves and we’re proud and happy to be part of this movement.

plants in the living room.

So what is this interior decor trend about?

We are more conscious than ever on how much we are harming our planet and we are choosing eco friendly materials, sustainable manufacturing processes and organic fabrics in our homes.  Choosing natural materials is not enough though. It’s important to know which sources are better on the environment. For instance, alpaca wool is much better for the environment than cashmere wools. Learn more about alpacas on our last blog post.

natural dye wool, alpaca

It’s not just about saving the planet though; it’s also about saving ancient craftsmanship techniques from becoming extinct. We like to learn how the things we find are made and learn about different cultures in the process. 

women looming in Peru

Social Media has been poking our wanderlust dreams since Pinterest and Instagram were born, and the interior design world is taking this as an opportunity to bring objects from around the world into our homes too. Can’t find the time to explore Peru? Start wanderlusting by connecting with the Andean people with a handmade rug from Cuzco. Or visit Morocco in your dreams while hugging a handmade kilim pillow.  

trip to the Peruvian rainforest.

Textures, colours and patterns bring warmth and a happy vibe to our rooms. As Elle Decor points out, textures “help you connect to the room on an emotional level”- Carpenter, Elle Decor.

colorful rug and fur cushions from Peru.

What are you waiting for? Browse Matria Home’s curated collections to find one of a kind, unique home decor accents. And if you are an Etsy fan, make sure you check out our Etsy shop too!

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