Vintage Rugs Collection - A story in each rug


The first time I saw these vintage rugs was at an antique store in Peru. I found them exquisite and so unique, like nothing I had seen before. Now I bring them to you, as pieces of art and a treasure for your home.

vintage rug handmade PeruYou may be familiar with Peruvian area rugs like the ones in our Frazada Collection, but I doubt that you have seen rugs like the ones in this Vintage Rugs Collection.

Peru vintage rug 1961

Unlike our Frazada rugs, these ones come from a different region of Peru called Huaraz.

Huaraz, Peru mountains, andes

Like frazada rugs, the vintage rugs are also made of two loomed fabrics sewn together, but in a much more seamless manner.

Each vintage rug presents a story, and like most indigenous stories, they feature symbols and characters that are well known in the communities. Some of them are: 

  • The Chakana (the Andean Cross) used to symbolize the balance between this life and the after life and it represents the whole universe; north and south, harmony between masculinity and femininity, time and space, the four seasons. More about the meaning of this symbol on this post.
  • The Condor: Messenger of the Gods and spirits and guide of the dead into the after world. It also symbolizes the spiritual world or the heavens.
  • The Puma: Strength, wisdom and intelligence. It also represents the world of the living and the Inca capital (Cuzco) had the shape of a puma, and its fortress was placed where the head of the puma would be.
  • The Snake: Infinity, the under world or world of the dead.

 handmade vintage rug Peru

These vintage rugs were made to commemorate special dates, like weddings, anniversaries or the birth of a baby. They were loomed with the owners in mind so the stories were custom made and sometimes they even included the year they were made in and the initials of the family it was for. We have them ranging from 1940s to 1980s and I have dried cleaned them and restored.

These are real art pieces, and hanging them would allow one to appreciate the details on them and just like a novel, to find something new even months after seeing them for the first time.

They would also stand out as rugs. We would recommend a low traffic area for them, like the foot of the bed or in the living room. 




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