WABI SABI - Perfectly Imperfect

While most people are used to tossing away what is broken, washed out or plain imperfect, there is a lifestyle movement that originates in Japan called Wabi Sabi that embraces and celebrates these pieces. 


wabi sabi plates

There is no exact translation from the original Japanese words to English but "wabi" refers to simplicity, and "sabi" is the beauty of age and wear. 

wabi sabi handmade rug frazada Peru

I find that this appreciation for the "beautifully used" and for the simplicity in design brings us back to what Matria Home stands for; handmade, original, textured, fun. Moving away from sameness, factory made and pursuing pristine. Choosing instead the more real look; imperfect without seeing flaws but instead appreciating each piece for its uniqueness. 

You may find wabi sabi in our frazada rugs; each one different, each one showing its own imperfection; asymmetrical, some threads more washed out than others, unmatched corners.

frazada rug pink flowers handmade Peru wabi sabi

But these beautifully imperfect pieces are made this way not to follow a trend but to portray the lifestyle of their creators. People high in the mountains of Peru work with what is available to them, and who says that beauty is only symmetrical, or perfect? 

Wabi sabi is also found in the mudcloth fabrics from Mali; each one dyed with natural colors and their patterns are made more beautiful because of their unique one of a kind finish.

white mudcloth pillow wabi sabi


 wabi sabi meaning

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