We choose to support artisans from Peru and other areas of the world for 3 main reasons:

1) There is no better way of preserving techniques that may otherwise be lost forever.
Handcrafts are a way of telling stories from generation to generation. We can learn so much from learning about why people used a certain technique and where it came from. There's a great video from Great Big Story that shows this principle beautifully. It shows why a family in Venice feels its their duty to preserve the tradition of making velvet fabrics the same way it was made four centuries ago.

handmade peruvian textile

2) The quality of an artist's work can't even compare to a mass produced piece. Besides the "one of a kind" or "unique" factor, artists perfect their skills the more they work on their crafts. A handmade cushion feels x10 better than a mass produced one. 

natural color, organic materials, home decor

3) Buying handmade home decor is a great way to promote financial freedom in regions where people (especially women) don't have access to education and other opportunities to grow financially. For example, a Peruvian handmade rug may take 3 weeks to weave and it employs not only the weaver but also the person getting the wool from the sheep, the one threading the wool, the one dying the wool and the one actually weaving. In Peru, working communities from different parts of Cuzco are coming together to become more efficient and growing their supply by stream lining the rug weaving industry.


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