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This vintage rug brings 55 years of stories that only she knows. Handmade in Huaraz in 1961, the technique of this dreamy vintage rug is no longer practiced and people in this region see this one-of-a-kind as a true treasure. The letters in the middle of the rug are said to be either the initials of the person who made the rug or those of the person that it was custom made for.  Bright pinks and soft pastel shades makes this rug a real treasure to be admired for years to come.

  •  Size: 1.60mx2.08m (62"x82")
  • 100% sheep's wool
  • Slight imperfections may occur due to the nature and age of this product, enhancing its character and personality.
  • Care instructions: Dry clean 
  • Note: colours may appear differently depending on the screen you are viewing from.