BLANCA FRAZADA RUG (Large 5'9"x6')

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Originally used as blankets or bed covers ("Frazadas") to protect Andean people from freezing temperatures in the winter time, they make perfect accent pieces for a modern home with a hint of boho chic. Every frazada rug is made from 2 pieces of loomed fabric sewn together. The frazadas are thick and soft, fitting perfectly as area rugs layered or as accent pieces on their own. Each rug takes about a month to complete and is one of a kind. 
  •  Size: 1.80m x 1.60m (5'9"x6')
  • 100% sheep wool
  • Slight imperfections may occur due to the source and nature of this product, enhancing its character and personality.
  • Care instructions: Dry clean or use a carpet cleaner foam and a soft brush and let air dry.
  • Note: colors may appear differently depending on the screen you are viewing from.