TICKA THROW (2 colours available)

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Whether you are curled up on the sofa with your favourite book or enjoying a chilly night in the patio; these warm, soft and snuggly throws are a must! 

Fun facts about Alpaca:

  • Comfort: It contains no lanolin = it doesn’t itch and it's hypoallergenic
  • Thermal Properties: It works as an insulator. Alpaca hair keeps you warm in cold weather and it releases heat during warm temperatures.
  • Pilling: Less tendency to pill compared to wool and other animal fibers.
  • Softness: Its fiber is silky soft to the touch. Alpaca is softer than cashmere, warmer and stronger than lambs’ wool.
  • Rare: Alpaca yarn is still considered a rare yarn, since there are 4 million alpacas –compared to around 450 million cashmere goats – worldwide

We are proud to work with a community in Puno that has been an active member of the World Fair Trade Organization since 2004, promoting gender equality and a healthy working environment that subsidizes learning workshops and growth opportunities. 

  • Made in Puno, Peru
  • Size: 1.30m x1.80m
  • 89% Alpaca 11% Polyamide
  • Dry clean only

alpaca throw